Our creations have become our escape. They encompass our passion of creating a fulfilling life together. 

In 2013, the idea of Venture Lives came into view while Rob and Megan were sitting at an alpine lake in Oregon falling in love.


2 years later, we found ourselves floating in the Alaskan Fjords, pinching ourselves. We were experiencing complete magic with our 1979 31 foot Cal sailboat. With no prior sailing experience, Alaska seemed like a great place to start. Why knot?

It was freeing knowing our money was going into something we owned vs paying rent. Not only were we paying off our student loans, but also having the time of our lives as we followed our passion to create adventure films on our time away from work. Our entertainment became our creations about the world around us.

After sailing our sailboat south through Alaska's inside passage, we jumped ship in Washington and outfitted a Sprinter Van. During the next 2 years, we got married, visited friends & family, and experienced some amazing land adventures all the way to the tip of Baja.


Now that our student loans are paid off, we are back to living on our sailboat, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. We have not lived in a house since 2015 and held jobs the entire time. 

Follow along as we produce professional, cinematic, and informational videos. We want to inspire you to find your adventure because we believe that venture lives in all of us. 

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We collaborated with Darius from Seacoast Workshop to provide you with a pretty darn cool bottle opener! After every adventure, grab a VL bottle opener, cheers with your friends, and share awesome adventure stories! #venturelivesinallofus

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