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A Generational Headstand

My grandpa stood on his head till he was 86 years old. He was born in 1911. Challenge accepted grandpa! 💪 1 day, I will be like you.

Grandma was all about women's strength. She was born in 1920. I never understood why she was so happy I got my driver's license, because that was another tiny check off of my list. But now I understand.

I was blessed with a mother and father who never tried to tell me I wasn't good enough. To them, I was always good enough for everything. They gave me so much strength to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. 🥰

Cheers to the millennial generation. Stay strong! 💪 You are good enough! 😘

And to Gen Z, you're going to be even better. Keep learning. Keep pushing. Keep growing.

Much love!

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