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An Adventure Isn't An Adventure...

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I keep hanging on to the words of my father, "An adventure isn't an adventure until all your plans go wrong." 5 years ago, we started filming our sailing adventures in Alaska while we were paying off our student loans. There were mishaps along the way, but the biggest one was yet to come.

2 years ago, we had thousands of dollars worth of camera gear stolen. This big punch to our dreams happened when we were finally having our greatest break-through. Alaska magazine featured our channel and did their own write up about Venture Lives. It seemed like a dream come true.

That dream came to a crashing halt when all of our camera gear, computers, and footage was stolen. Our dreams were completely crushed. Rob has always been an artist, and everything he made since he was 15, was gone. 15 years of life, art, growth, and future plans were no longer physically present. It felt like we had nothing to show for. It felt like our dreams had been completely crushed.

After 2 years of saving up money, and contemplating our direction in life, we are happy to be back again. We started Venture Lives for the love of being outside, and showcasing the pure freedom and goodness that nature holds.

Using our 1979 Cal 31 sailboat as our adventure vehicle/work space/home has offered some incredible learning experiences to add to all of our ventures. All of which I will be writing about in future posts.

Now that we are back, the adventure feels more alive than ever before. Our plans may have been jaded, but the big picture will forever live. Now that everything seems to have gone wrong, our adventure has only begun. Cheers to growth, perspective, and enjoying the ventures that life holds for all of us.

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